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Web Sites

Get your Website up and going with Michigan Computers ®. Already have a Website and looking for a New Webmaster to help get your content on the Internet? Would you like some marketing ideas or want to add social media and more to your site? Michigan Computers ® offers custom logos, background images, and images with custom styling to your needs.

A lot of Website is created with website creation tools that uses plug-ins on top of plug-ins. Michigan Computers ® writes custom websites with the abilities to add, customize or remove custom made features at any time. Your site could become anything you want it to be with Michigan Computers ® custom coding. Michigan Computers ® offers many different options for users, members, administrators and more.

New Websites

New websites begin with understanding the needs of the Websites purpose. Then deciding the tools and coding languages needed to accomplish a list of what we can call, objectives and sub objectives. This list is used to help get your site from A to Z. Planning ahead is a very important part, in creating this list to accomplish. As for the objective parts, think of them as all the sub objectives used to complete the main objective. Example of an objective would be, creating a page for users to view. Sub objectives would be, everything involved in what it takes to make the page viewable and link to others.

Existing Sites

When it comes to existing sites, whether it's modifying or adding on. Michigan Computers ® offers many different options, with many different programming languages. Also, with all the many ways to create a site. The time for figuring out what page is what and where everything is, will vary. After that Michigan Computers ® can get started.


Depending on the type of site that's needed, price can very.

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