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Michigan Computers ® Offers Professional IT Support for Your Technology Needs with Fast and Reliable Service.

Business & Residential

Michigan Computers ® Specializes in IT Support, Computers, Networking, VoIP, Repair, IOT, Custom Websites / Custom Applications Development, Antivirus Protection, Virus & Malware Removal, Customized Technology Solutions, Security Systems and more.

Remote IT Support

Michigan Computers ® offers Remote IT Support starting at $20.

Remote IT Support Starts Here
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Michigan Computers ® works from your ISP connection to your Home or Business. No more bulky cables running all over. Michigan Computers ® Configures wireless and or wired connections from a patch panel to your selected wall outlets that can be custom configured for many different options, TV, Telephone, Sound, Internet, and more. Check out Networking for more information.

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Websites & Applications

Need a Custom Website or Intranet website (Local) for your business? Looking to simplify, error proof and speed up your production? Turn your spreadsheets into high quality applications. Give Michigan Computers ® a Call and see what Michigan Computers ® can do for you. Michigan Computers ® offers many solutions for your IOT (Internet of things) and Internetworking Technologies.

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Michigan Computers ® Adapts to your schedule, any hours that fits your needs to minimize your production and or downtime. Have emergency technology problems Call Michigan Computers ® or Contact Us.
Michigan Computers ® can speed up and prevent your server(s) from unnecessary down time, create backup solutions and lots more.