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When it comes to your Home or Business Network. Michigan Computers ® offers many solutions to upgrading, installing, securing your data and more. Michigan Computers ® will not only examine your networking needs. Michigan Computers ® will explain your situation in a way that you can understand.

Networking is a part of our everyday lives. From computers, phones and electricity that runs the world, to the roads, planes, and trains we all use. All are some sort of network.

The Open Systems Interconnection, “OSI” Model is a model that is used for a standard in networking. The Model characterizes the functions for data communications and is represented by 7 layers.

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Michigan Computers ® uses the OSI Model and many other tools to assist in the accuracy and speed of all your Networking needs.

Michigan Computers ® works with Original Equipment Manufacturers “OEM”s, service providers, software companies and more to ensure you get the full experience and abilities of your system.

Business Networking

For businesses, Michigan Computers ® understand the importance of documenting your network, Tech notes and keeping organized files of your systems. This way you and anyone else working on your project can be on the same page.

Michigan Computers ® services your business anytime. During or around customer hours, that way your business can grow with little to no interference from services needed.

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