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Camera Systems

Michigan Computers ® suggest when looking for camera systems, it's best to find one that fits the job. Not the price.

If you're looking at cameras to view your yard, driveway, or blind spots, etc. Then a lower priced NVR systems might work.

If recording, using night vision or motion sensors for viewing spot-X. Probably want to look at what is needed to do the job and not go with the cheapest system.

The main question asked about camera systems are. Ex number of cameras for the price. Michigan Computers ® recommends buying cameras that do the job needed. NVR systems offer more options with longer distance cable capabilities, smaller holes in walls for running the cables, only one cable is ran powering the camera with POE injectors.

DVR systems are cheaper and use BNC connectors with a shorter max length on each cameras cable. BNC connectors requires a 5/8-inch hole "caulk holes" for connector to fit through and that is per camera.

NVR systems uses an Ethernet cable to connect cameras to system. Power, video, and sound all use one line roughly 1/4-inch hole no caulk needed. The ability to extend from max 300 ft to more with converters.

Both NVR and DVR offers recording abilities, motion detection, night vision, remote viewing, and more. Both systems come on average of 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel systems.

For a camera system that is being monitored. Camera Control Center offers the ability to view all channels on multiple monitors with. "PTZ" Pan Tilt Zoom abilities, security alarms, lights, door, and lock notifications and more.