Data Backups

Secure Computer, Server, and Data Backup Solutions.

Backup Your System(s)

If you have valuable pictures, documents, music and more. Make sure you have a backup or two. Without a backup and the possibilities of hardware failure, power outages, malware and more. You could lose all your data and must start over. Having a Master backup and a disaster plan can save your business, valuable pictures, personal files, and your data.

Michigan Computers ® offers many different solutions for backing up your data. From on-site to cloud managed, Michigan Computers ® has you covered.

During system upgrades, configuration changes, OS installs and data transfers. Michigan Computers ® makes sure you have a backup. Michigan Computers ® backs up your data to your device if one is provided or we can provide you with device. When using our device and service(s) is completed. Michigan Computers ® shreds and deletes all your data from our device(s). Michigan Computers ® offers cloud managed backups or gives you a local backup when you receive your system back. Network options are available with automatic update schedules.

Network Solutions

Michigan Computers ® offers local network backup solutions for your home or business and for all your users with optional scheduled backups. Hardware will vary depending on the size of the business or home and how many users will access the network.

Your Cloud Storage

Michigan Computers ® can provide and configure your own cloud storage device. Setup and configure your devices (phones, tablets, PCs and more) with your own on-site cloud storage device. Perfect for knowing where your data is being stored and managed for your on-site location.

Old Systems, Damaged Systems and Data Recovery

Michigan Computers ® can take your old systems that are laying around, with your valuable data and retrieve your data to an external device of your choosing and recycles your old system. Device can be provided if needed. Prices vary depending on the device.

When it comes to damaged systems and or storage devices. Michigan Computers ® may retrieve your data. If your device is damaged beyond our abilities, Michigan Computers ® works with another company that specializes in data retrieval with a facility specially designed for manual data retrieval from hard drive disk to memory boards. Pricing will vary.

Backup Pricing

    Cloud Backup
  1. On-site Cloud Storage Setup Starts at $100
    • Plus, hardware if purchased from Michigan Computers ®
  2. Subscription
    • Get one month free to try
    • Pricing is monthly or annually
    • Pricing varies by storage size needed
    • Setup Automatic Backups

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