Business Solutions, Business Upgrades, Custom Business Options

Business Solutions

Your business is important to you. Save time and money when Michigan Computers® speeds up your Network, Computers and Technologies.

Add multiple monitors to your system(s) to make work easier and faster. Custom configurations are available for users to speed up work related softwares.

Michigan Computers® works with your users to help with preventative maintenance, with the proper use of your network and systems. This part is very important, for some of the following reasons.

Michigan Computers® can work during or after customers hours. For late night or after hours, scheduling works best.

Business Upgrades

Michigan Computers® offers many solutions when upgrading your system(s). By not buying what you don't need helps save time and money. With Michigan Computers it's not about the sale, it's about the accuracy and durability of the hardware that applies to your needs, with the ability to upgrade and adapt to future technologies.

Custom Business Options

Customize your business with a intranet site. Within your business having a intranet site can offer your users the abilities to sign in and out of jobs, Track inventory in real time, place trouble tickets, complete customized reporting and data charts and tons more.

Michigan Computers® is working with micro-controllers and intranet sites to run customized hardware with a web browser. In the future this abilities can change the way your business operates.

Few Examples

With custom software abilities. The possibilities are endless.