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Residential Home Services

Michigan Computers® offers in home services, pickup, delivery options and more.

Slow computer(s), running hot, broken, viruses, full of dust? Michigan Computers® can help. First thing is first. Is there a backup? When preforming maintenance, installs or upgrades. Michigan Computers® makes sure you have a backup. Then preforming the tasks needed to fix the issue(s).


When it comes to pictures, music, digital files, etc. Michigan Computers® offers custom backup solutions.

Michigan Computers® offers a few different options, to making sure you have a extra copy of your digital files. Michigan Computers® does not store your files. When the job is over, files are too.

Help and Support

Most support can be preformed remotely over the Internet. From setting up printers, installing software, configuring hardware and or software, computer lessons and much more. Download Remote Support below, then Contact Us to get started

Home Networking

Wouldn't it be nice to have a patch panel in a closet in your home. What could you do with a patch panel? With multiple Ethernet lines running inside your walls to multiple outlets in key locations of your home. You can customize your patch panel to run speakers for your sound system in any room with a patch panel connected outlet. Same goes for phones, TV, computers, security systems and lots more. With customizable patch panels, you can make your house configured to any way any time to fit your needs.

Getting new Internet service? They charging you $200 - $300 for a $70 home router? Get one from Michigan Computers®, starting at $59 on up. Michigan Computers® can customize your routers settings and more.

Contact Michigan Computers® for more info on how we can upgrade your home.