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New & Used

When looking for new or used computers. Michigan Computers takes the stress of tech off your neck and saves you money doing it, by some the following.

When you buy from Michigan Computers you're not just getting hardware or software! You're getting a Technician that can become part of your tools to improve your home or business.

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Upgrading or Repairing your technology can save you time and money or cost you more. All depends on cost of parts, if parts are available, ordering parts, installing part(s) and time doing so.

Michigan Computers has the tools and resources to save you the trouble, time and haste of updating, upgrading, taring apart and fixing your technologies.

With the mass amount of electronics in the world today. Michigan Computers works with hardware, software, firmware, soldering electronics and more! Contact Us and see what Michigan Computers can do for you. With an Honest answers and fair pricing, Michigan Computers may save your day.

Computer Quote